Raymond's Notebook
Focus on something in 2022

I must focus on something in 2022. So how I to do it?

  • Improve my own english and prepare for IELTS, focus on Writing, Listening, Reading.
  • Start to learn CPP. learncpp.com,cppreference.com
  • Continue to develop my product and stick to it.

Sometimes you maybe want to complete many tasks in one year. but at the end of the year, you may not complete any task. It will make you feel so frustrated that it may cause you to abandon all stuff.

So it’s very important to focus on a few things you can accomplish. You need to know what is important for you, What’s task is the highest priority. To find them out and add them to the key task list, remember first the number of tasks can’t be too much, less than five is best.

It is quite a remarkable achievement if you can accomplish 5 key things in a year, and the rest are routine tasks, they are not the most important. You need to know where is your range of capability.

With times ahead, We are currently in a speedily developed digital time. Social media include many APPS such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter will distract us and let us can’t constantly focus on our work. These can also cause our emotions to become irritable because we can’t complete the work that has been added to our list, we need to calm down and remove all stuff that distracted us, remove some apps (TikTok?) from our phone or put the phone far away from us when we are working.

Another key thing is persistence, Maybe it is the most important thing. If you can’t do this, you will do nothing.